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My Star Client's



I learned that I had fibroids....



“I learned that I had fibroids and Gail knew exactly how to guide me nutritionally. I had been re-educated, given recipes, alternate food choices and positively supported.  I feel fortunate to have met Gail and I would absolutely recommend this program for women who struggle with fibroids, weight loss, and to learn how to eat healthy as women. After her program, my fibroid condition stabilized, I was educated on what to expect and felt supported through my journey. I really felt this service provided intelligent, enthusiastic information and I really enjoy her prior knowledge of my condition. If you are looking to lose weight and become healthier you are at the right place because she loves to help others. Gail will either know what you need or find it out for you”



Amy S

Denville, NJ

I highly recommend Gail to anyone who needs help finding their direction......


Gail has been extremely helpful and supportive. She gives concrete ideas and suggestions. Gail gives effective feedback. She also has written articles and has an AMAZING website. She really knows what she is doing and has a clear path to where she wants to be. She has been a wonderful mentor and has helped me focus on what I want and how to get there as well. I highly recommend Gail to anyone who needs help finding their direction, or even those just wanting to improve their health coaching business. She truly been a blessing to me.



Nancy H

New York

I can't say it enough Gail is truly amazing.....


I was introduced to Gail by a mutual friend and we hit it off instantly. We spoke for about 2 hours it was like speaking to someone I knew for years. Gail has been my angel on earth. Whenever I need her, she has always been there for me. No matter what I need whether its work related or personal she has been there to encourage me and support me in reaching my goals. Even though we haven’t known each other long it feels like we have been friends for years. I can’t say it enough Gail is truly amazing. She has a lot of wisdom and knowledge to share. I’m so grateful that she has come into my life. 




Kalyea M

Harlem, NY

I had no energy and needed to lose weight....



"Before working with Gail, I had no energy and needed to lose weight. After our third session I noticed a difference in my eating. When I look back at the moment I made the decision to do this for myself I feel better. I highly recommend this program if you struggle with weight loss and want to learn how to eat right. I have learned what foods make me gain weight and what foods are helping me to lose my weight naturally. What I found out is investing in Gail’s counseling was worth the experience and the money. What I like most is having that accountable partner right there daily. Also, some of the other great benefits to her service are having someone who actually cares, someone who really guides you thru your struggle, and someone who can relate to your journey. I would highly recommend this service to anyone ready to make changes. Gail, thank you again for showing me there is another way to living a longer life".



Barbara P

Plainfield, NJ