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Corporate Wellness Education Programs in Butler, NJ

Gail Thorpe National Certification and prestigious designation as Faculty as the best trained Corporate Wellness professional in the country from The Wellness Council of America(WELCOA). With Level 4 training in all workplace wellness benchmarks for your company success. If you are looking for a dynamic speaker for your next lunch and learn or perhaps you are interested in providing a series of health topics with proven results. Please feel free to contact our offices today. Below is a brief list of topics covered during her sessions.

  • The Low Stress Diet: Eating For A Healthy Immune System In a Stressful World
  • A Good Night's Sleep: Stress, Insomnia and Work Productivity
  • Self-Care: Managing Your Healthcare and Living Well
  • Sugar Blues
  • What You Don't Know Can Kill You: 10 Lies About Health and Wellness
  • Getting Active: Changing Health Behaviors for the Better

Each corporate wellness education presentation has a central focus to increase your bottom-line. By teaching your employees the importance of health and wellness you can expect a decrease in employee call outs due to sickness, better health, better productivity, and most important you will be able to save per employee for individual healthcare costs to the firm. All presentations will include employee handouts and takeaways. We also provide your company with health assessments, employee incentive programs, newsletter, target nutrition handouts, and projected ROI calculations with detail charts to specify your savings on target nutrition implementations. The workshop series is offered in house or through tele-classes over a 6 month period and can also be tailored to your company needs. Contact our offices for a consultation on how we can better serve your organization. Take a look at the video below to understand the risk to your organization!