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*Nominated and Selected as a Leading Woman Entrepreneur & Business Owner (New Jersey) 2017*

Welcome to my website. My name is Gail Thorpe your Functional Nutrigenomic Practitioner with a speciality in Nutrigenomics, Functional Nutrition, and Energy Medicine for women's health. I wanted to take this time for you to get to know me a little. After careful review of my life, I realized I did a complete 360 from lay-off to surgery to even a better understanding of me which is all part of my journey to self-healing. I was like most people; I worked long hours eating all kinds of food at different times of the day especially in the evening while I was still at work. I was really getting tired of feeling sick of the unhealthy food and living with no energy! I wanted and needed to make a change to a healthier life. I finally made my decision to change my life by following my original path of health and wellness, as I could easily see my illness was taking over my body.


My body would show signs daily that I was neglecting my most important asset(me). I worked years in the Financial industry as an Analyst for a major brokerage firm, always working long hard hours to just sacrifice my health in the process. It really started to take its toll on my body and eventually would lead me to the unfortunate diagnoses of an acute/chronic condition (fibroid tumors) that needed immediate attention and later major surgery (myomectomy). What I was learning the whole time during my recovery is that life is too short to be unhealthy and unhappy... we are given one body and one life and it is up to the individual to take better care of themselves and to nurture their potential within.


My lay-off was actually a blessing for me because I finally was able to stop and smell the roses and regroup my life, my health, my mind and my career. I was now paying closer attention to listening to my body as I adjust to better foods and loving the outcome. It was easy to see the more nutrition I put into my body the better I would feel as my body was starting to heal itself. I also learned more about me and that my life was more about helping people to discover their own personal journey to health and wellness, as I was so privileged to do so myself. So, I dedicated myself to learning more about health and wellness with ongoing professional training and by attending the largest nutrition school in the world. I finally made that connection as I continue to help my client's regain their health just by making small simple changes that reap bigger results.


 I love working with my clients as each of them come from different walks of life ready to create that permanent lifestyle change to a happier life. My company is Pampering4life Wellness™, a nutrition and lifestyle company that specialize in the more holistic approach to pampering mind, body, and freedom and making the connection to living your best life one client at a time. Our client's learn that pampering is not just about the spa, but pampering all aspects of one's life.

Learn more about my unique approach to women's health goals. Join the movement of Pampering4life Wellness™ with our very own signature program customized just for you. "Nutrition You Design™ Designing your health your way! Feel free to contact me 1-877-898-5130 or