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ReCharge 10-28 Day Detox Plan

In an environment like we have now, whatever we do, we are absorbing an increasing amount of dangerous toxins each day. Then, it will come to some point in our life that we all become addicted and require a detoxification of our bodies like drinking fluids as a basic start.

Detoxification is a word that is used more often lately. More and more people look for ways to enjoy the benefits of detox in ways that allow them to be and feel healthy by getting rid of all kinds of unwanted toxins.

As women it is even more important to detox our bodies to expel unwanted toxins, replicated estrogens, which cause an imbalance to our reproductive system and overall body. It is a fact that our bodies do have a natural monthly cleansing that is surely a benefit but we cannot forget to have optimum health we still need to detox our bodies on a more regular basis at least every quarter to recharge your body and mind. Because our bodies are normally more sensitive especially during a detox process it is important to have more of a target support in detoxing to address our bodies. We want to make sure that after your detox you will feel the difference and most important you will be recharged. Unlike other companies that may offer only one type of detox we offer several. This is what we mean by having your health your way. If you are a VIP Private Client the ReCharge Detox™ is absolutely FREE and included in your package.

Target Detox Plans Available

  • Hepatic System Detox-PCOS, ovarian disorders, and overall system
  • Heavy Metal Detox-Supports liver, overall system, and hormones
  • CloroClear-Overall system support against daily dietary toxins and enviroment
  • Renagen DTX-Supports healthy kidney and protects against free radicals
  • Ultra-Cleanse-General detox to support and protect the entire digestive system
  • Enviro-Detox-Combines 13 nutrients to provide ongoing cleansing support for women internal organs
  • CleanStart-Natural support for everyday general cleanse

Your nutrition healing program covers a customized detox plan, email support, and meal planning during your 10-28 days. You will also receive a journal for inspiration and reflections to keep you focused and reenergized. It is time to ReCharge™ and take back your life for better focus and energy and to feel great. Total Cost: $185.00