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Your Appointment

What you can look forward to during your appointment at Pampering4life

Pampering4life is a Holistic Wellness Center that provides integrative services for it's clients in a very calm relaxing environment to promote self healing and rejunvenation. During your sessions at our office you can expect the following. 

  • Clean and relaxing environment
  • Soft music 
  • Various hot herbal teas and infused spring water
  • Aromatherapy scented highly therapuetic oils diffusing
  • Superior customer service
  • Comfortable seating 
  • Safe location
  • Plenty of parking located in our guest parking area
  • And a private oasis just for you...

How to prepare for your session

  1. We ask that our client's dress casual for any of your Energy Medicine procedures or any other integrative procedures we provide at Pampering4life
  2. Please arrive on time
  3. Your first session with us may take up to one hour and a half as we provide a full health assessment before any procedure to fully accommodate your needs.
  4. If you are coming from Groupon we ask you to please bring your voucher for redemption.
  5. We ask that you also remove your shoes as we provide touch reflexology using the essential oils.
  6. Please turn off your cell phone during your entire time at Pampering4life so you can fully relax as this is your time dedicated just to you. 
  7. We also ask for all "First Time" clients to fill out a brief survey about some of your health and wellness needs. By providing this information before your inital session will make it easier for us to better service your needs and to be proaction on your health. You can find this survey right here
  8. Feel free to learn more about our services by reviewing our entire website for a full list of what we offer. You can also view our Energy Medicine tab for your information purposes only
  9. Be sure to keep your hair lose as we enjoy relaxing your scalp with essential oils
  10. Areas for the touch therapy procedures: back, scalp, feet, and legs

Our location

We are located at 45 Carey Avenue Suite 250 on floor 2a door (5) at our professional office suites. Hint: If you have trouble finding us simply look for 2 burgandy chairs in front of our office that is provided for our clients waiting space. 

Booking your appointment

You can book your appointment with us 24 hours a day 7 days a week right here on our website or by calling 877-898-5130 during normal business hours 10am-5pm if you need to speak directly with someone for booking. We do have a credit card (hold) policy for all first time clients. You can learn more about this policy right here 

Now it's time for you to relax

Learn more about your session with our video

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