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She-Market Tour For Women Only

How often do you shop at the supermarket and wonder as a women what are your best options for your health? You normally shop at the supermarket on a daily basis but you are not sure what is healthy and what is not. You may or may not even know that there is actually a science behind supermarket shopping. The supermarket is designed for you to stay in it longer by including price advantages to buying. By having a strategic placement of the unhealthy items, to misinform the average consumer with poor advertisement and complicated labeling too basically encourage your unhealthy habits. The she-market tour is designed with you in mind to help you to be proactive about your choices as a woman by understanding the science behind you're shopping which is often neglected or not available. The she-market tour is the first of its kind to address the special needs of women and their nutrition. We designed this tour to make it easy to take the necessary steps to keep you and your family at optimum wellness. At Pampering4life Wellness™, you have the chance to go on a guided 90 minute tour at a leading supermarket where you will have a personalized one on one session to understand everything about eating healthy and how it applies to your individual diet as a women. Take a look at what's included on your tour:

  • Guided 90 minute tour
  • Comprehensive handouts (women's health)
  • Labeling education
  • Grocery list
  • Meal planner
  • She-Market guide to eating healthy as women
  • Hormone balancing foods
  • Take away gifts and so much more....

No longer will you be "clueless" when it comes to your food shopping. You will have the knowledge to move full pledge ahead on your healthy plan as a women. If you invite a friend or two you will get 30% off the cost of the tour. If you are a VIP Private Client the tour is absolutely FREE and included in your package. Plus you will get a free pass for a friend.

Total Cost: $75 per participate

Please Note: This tour will need to be schedule at least 3 weeks before to reserve your spot.