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VIP Services

We pride ourselves in taking care of the whole person in all their nutritional needs as we specialize in the functional holistic nutrition process which incorporates functional laboratory testing using an integrative approach. If you suffer from stress, hypertension, diabetes, hair loss, menopause, hormonal acne, hormonal headaches, uterine fibroids, ovarian disorders including PCOS, cysts, hormonal imbalances, abnormal menstruation which includes heavy bleeding, and missed periods. The symptoms mentioned could be a direct linked to your diet and lifestyle. A diet rich in vitamins and minerals provided by the foods you eat with a customize meal plan could be the answer to healing yourself. Our programs are designed just for your individual needs to create a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Finally nutritional help for the women with hormonal imbalances

that has a direct effect on her gynecological health”


After seeing twenty one doctors myself and later major surgery. I could of actually healed my own body with proper nutrition and a more balanced lifestyle if only someone told me. Each day as a women you suffer from pain, heavy bleeding, mood shifts, weight gain, hair loss, problem skin, and the doctors look at you like you are crazy. RIGHT? I know all too well....unfortunately! The good news is you now have the answer you have been waiting for a more holistic approach to healing your body naturally. A program that is designed with you in mind Nutrition You Design™ Designing your health your way! We enjoy working with women from all over the world and providing them with exclusive VIP services offered in person or via the phone for your convenience.

What is covered in the “Nutrition You Design™ Program?

A specialized program dedicated to “YOU” and your individual health concern. Everything will be customized for you to experience optimum health and wellness using mind and body. The programs covered in Nutrition You Design™ are mostly tailored to 6 months of direct counseling on a one on one basis but keep in mind each plan is customized to your specific needs. The programs we offer our structured around the busy women which includes customized programs that addresses specific holistic health, dedicated to women's unique body structure and hormonal balance. The programs are simple to follow and are tailored to the individual client. We have A LA CARTE healthy services where you pay for only what you need and what applies to your individual health. This program is exclusive VIP private coaching services to really get you healthy.

Who should seek your services?

Any women who is frustrated with the status of their current health and they are ready to be proactive about it. They are tired of being sick and tired. They want to feel good from the inside out. They want to finally feel free without the pain or restrictions and they are excited about the chance to have clearer skin, shiny hair, increase energy, better focus, and to simply feel good. Women who seek our services are looking for a natural holistic approach to their health. We do not act or replace the advice of a registered dietitian or medical doctor. 

What type of person this program is not for?

If you are not serious about your health and well-being and you feel you are not going to be committed. This program is NOT for you. I'm very selective in the process of choosing my clients as I dedicate 100% towards your healing and it would only be fair that you are truly ready as well.

What results can one expect?

  • More energy
  • Feeling free from pain and or cramps
  • Clearer skin
  • Healthy Hair
  • More confidence no longer insecure of your imbalances
  • Improve intimacy
  • Better self-image
  • Cravings are under control
  • Weight loss now that our hormones are in better balance
  • More relaxed and stress free as you learn the importance to self-care and your health
  • Happier and healthier
  • Feeling great with your body
  • Goals are accomplished

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